Recovery is Possible

The lie is dead, people do recover. Substance abuse and alcohol problems are one of the most prevalent issues in our society today. We have heard through the course of history how drugs affect our society through epidemics and other health crises. However, the most important aspect to consider is the individual. There’s a saying “once an addict, always an addict.” That has not been my experience. It is possible to get clean or sober and live life without the use of drugs and alcohol. It takes hard work, sacrifices and willingness but it is possible. We live in a society where there are many ways to recover, AA, NA, SMART Recovery, Refuge Recovery, religion-based programs and more! With that being said, we cannot recover alone – we need to change our playthings, playgrounds and playmates. If there’s nothing else to hear from this it is that there is hope and people do recover. If you are having any issues, please give yourself and break and ask for help.


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